Who Needs a Gym Membership?

Feb 26, 2016
I want to lose weight, but I don't have time.
I can't afford a gym membership.
Even when they're open again, I don't think I want to go back to the gym.

I don't know what exercises to do.

Do any of these statements sound familiar? Many of you have goals to lose weight, begin to exercise, create a regular activity regimen, yet you just can't find time to part from work or home life to make it happen. So do you just stop there? Absolutely not! It's more important that we find ways to meet our goals of physical activity while still accomplishing the things we must do daily. This is exactly why many try exercising at work or home to meet that goal. Unfortunately, buying a treadmill or a  bo-flex for your home or office doesn't always work for every one.Try the following resources to see which one(s) helps you get on the track to a healthier, more fit you! Like Nike's slogan says- JUST DO IT!

Health Magazines

Health-related magazines are not just distractions in the grocery store line. Many, like Women's Health, Men's Health, and Oxygen, contain helpful tips to get your exercise habits on track. These magazines have excellent articles, tips/tricks, lists of potential resources, motivational pictures, and picture demonstrations of exercises you can do with limited equipment at home or in the office. This is great for someone who likes the more tangible approach to help you reach your fitness goals.

Exercise DVDs

Whether you goal is to burn, sculpt, or tone, there is a fitness DVD right for you. DVDs are great options that you can pop in the DVD player at home or play on your computer in the office. Many exercise DVDs follow popular trends from Zumba to P90X to yoga, and with such variety, many exercises now target those with limited time and equipment. So, no matter what exercise(s) you enjoy, DVDs are a great option to help you pace, push, and provide you with the right workout to achieve what your body needs!

Workout Websites

Have you ever heard someone say, "just Google it.?" Well they may just be on to something here. The internet is a helpful tool when it comes to exercise. Looking up fitness websites that offer exercise tips and specific may suit your at-home/in-the-office kind of lifestyle. In fact, websites like DailyBurn, BeFit, FitnessBlender and and even Youtube offer you access to live streaming and pre-recorded exercise routines that you can play like a video on your computer or any smart device in your office or home. Fitness websites are perfect for those looking for something more specific each day and busy with life. Of course, we're kind of partial to this blog as well (bookmark it!).Related: Embrace the Cold Weather Workout

Fit Apps

We  live in the age of technology, so use it! Many of us own smart phones in which we can download apps that appeal to our individual lifestyles. Apps like FitStar, Sworkit and Workout Trainer can help you customize your workout based on time, pace, abilities and even areas of the body you want to target and train that day. Other apps like NikeRun or RunKeeper can help you measure your calories burned, distance measured and many more of your efforts whether you are walking, running or biking. Fitness apps are great for those who are on the go and need a text reminder of being active!

Personal Trainers

Speaking of technology, personal trainers are not slacking on its use either. Just like the video conference you have with your co-workers across the nation, your trainer can be wherever and whenever you need. Trainers now offer video training sessions for those on the go, and many will write workouts for you to do from home or work with little to no equipment. The added perk of hiring a trainer is the accountability and custom workouts just for you!

If you are ready to roll, try this custom activity regimen from yours truly, and see what a 15 minute lunch workout can do for you!

  • 1 rep of cardio + 25 arm (exercises) + 25 legs + 25 core + 25 back = 15 Minute Office Workout*No equipment needed
  • 1 round of cardio for 10minutes (walk, jog the office stairs, or alternate cardio exercises like: jumping jacks, toe touches, squat jumps, skates, high knees, run in place...)
  1. switch 15 seconds
  2. 25 crunches in 1 minute
  3. switch 15 seconds
  4. 25 supermans or back extensions in 1 minute
  5. switch 15 seconds
  6. 25 body squats in 1 minute
  7. switch 15 seconds
  8. 25 pushups in 1 minute -modify if necessary

15 minutes up. Workout complete!

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