Why Have a Wellness Vision?

Apr 22, 2020
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At Wellview Health, we start with "why". Our Why is a key component in our success in any area of our lives. We are very busy people, but life isn’t about the work that we do, it is about the goal at the end of the work. It is what makes life meaningful. We may love what we do for a living, but we do it more likely because we love Why we do it. The benefits we receive from a job well done or the acknowledgment from customers or superiors can be a strong Why. Another very strong Why for many of us is a paycheck, and even more important than that is what the paycheck means to us and our goals. Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is a 5-tier model of human needs, the foundation of which is food, water, warmth, and rest, followed by security and safety, accomplishment, and reaching our full potential. All of these are very important aspects of a healthy life. I would venture to say that for many, our Why for going to work is likely because we love having a roof over our heads, food in our stomach, water to quench our thirst, and sleep to reboot our body. Our "why" drives our “what” in almost every case, and then we can formulate our “how” “where” and “when.”

I spend much of my time as a Health Advisor for Wellview Health assisting our participants in the creation of a Wellness Vision and then partnering with each one personally to achieve the vision they create for themselves. We do this one goal, and one step at a time. Question: How would you eat an elephant? Answer: One bite at a time.Not that we eat elephants at all, but being the largest of creatures, the principle is that we would not do it in one gulp. That is true of our wellness vision. There is no magic pill, and none of us have a magic wand, but we can dream, and we can design, and we can create the path we want to walk each day to get where we want to go. We may wish there was an easier way, but there is really no reward in that. The only benefit of something that is easy, is that it is easy. Let’s face it, in most cases, our health and wellness challenges didn’t happen overnight, and they likely will not disappear overnight. Slow and steady wins the race (just ask the tortoise). In our Initial Session, we work together to create your Wellness Vision. It’s painless and very fun for most participants. I simply ask some cultivating questions to till up the soil a bit. My questions aren’t magic, but the real magic is in your answers to the questions. The thoughts that are generated are like seeds for the soil. From then on, our time together is to design a one-paragraph statement that is compelling to you, the participant. It’s not my life, therefore it is not my statement; it is yours. It may have resided deep in your heart for years, and it may feel like it had to be dug up from down deep, but the best wells are the deepest ones. Recently, a participant who had been enrolled for a while, but had not taken advantage of the Health Advisor available to them through the partnership with their company and Wellview Health until now. Comments like “it was nice to have someone ask me to think about myself, and my dreams and goals” are common. We are often on overdrive, and seldom stop to think about what we may want for ourselves, our health, or our wellness. Sometimes we just need someone to ask! We are here to ask.

Definition of WellnessExperiencing a comfortable and confident level of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. Feeling satisfied, strongly connected, self-aware, and living purposefully able to self-care by deepening personal and interpersonal health engagement.What is a Wellness Vision?

  • A picture of what you wish to build and serves as a touchstone for future actions.
  • An audacious dream of a future reality based on the work you will do to achieve it.
Action: If you are new to Wellview, or like my participant this week, just haven’t taken advantage of sessions available with a Health Advisor, this is your week! We are here for you. and partner with you to transform, improve, or balance your and look forward to meeting you, spending some time getting to know you, your dreams, your challenges, your strengths, and helping you achieve your goals, one session at a time, one goal at a time, one step at a time. All confidential. All available at no cost to you.

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