Winter Weather Worthy Workout

Jan 6, 2017
Fitness Friday

Winter Weather Worthy Workout

Many of us are facing inclement weather right now and if not, well it’s winter. So the weather is cooler than normal and it’s harder to get outside to go for your typical walk or jog. No worries though. I am here to help you keep your eye on those New Year’s Resolutions, get that blood flowing, muscles toning and calories burning with this easy guide to a total body workout  in just 15 minutes (or more).


Here’s how it will go…

Every minute on the minute you will begin a new exercise, exerting your effort for 40-50 seconds with 10-20 seconds to transition to your next exercise and catch a quick breath. This gives you a total of 60 seconds or one minute per exercise and quick recovery.

Though this is designed for an at-home workout with little to no equipment, anything is fair game. So feel free to spice up your workout with any equipment you have around the house: free-weights, resistance bands, kettle-bells...Additionally, you will see different types of exercises.

From strength and body resistance training to cardio to stabilizing exercises to plyometrics, this workout  is efficient but will deliver those results you have been seeking all along.Keep in mind that you know your body better than anyone else, so PUSH YOURSELF but modify when necessary.

No matter what, the best tip I will give you is get out of your head. Do not accept an excuse. “No” is not the answer to your success. Embrace what good things are going to come from your hard work.

Today, your only competition is YOU! Let’s DO IT!

Winter Weather Workout
Wellview's Winter Weather Workout

YOU DID IT! Great Job! Now let’s show the world what else you have up your sleeve!


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