Your 5-Step Morning Routine

Dec 13, 2021

Throughout my years of coaching I have noticed a pattern for my clients’ ability to achieve their goals consistently and long term. As a result, I have been able to narrow it down to one thing: alignment. When someone is tuned in to who they are and what they need to thrive and live an optimal life full of health, joy, peace, and love, they are typically aligned with their inner self.

In general for most people, alignment looks like a routine of healthful habits and choices that enhance one's life. What helps one align and stay aligned is unique to the person and sometimes even changes in different chapters in life. Alignment is often described as harmony, contentment, loving, peacefulness, and fluidity. Conversely, misalignment may look like an inability to take action or focus, or even know what direction to head. My clients often describe misalignment as a feeling of frustration, discontent, distraction, or even disharmony. 

The signs of misalignment are actually a gift to help you remember to align with yourself, which takes conscious effort every day. So I’ve created a daily 5-step quick guide to help you align and reap the benefits of staying true to yourself through alignment!


Tuning into yourself is a way of checking your own pulse. How do I feel right now? What circumstances make me feel this way? What’s going to help me align on a deeper level at this moment? By tuning in, you are allowing yourself to show up without judgment in order to understand and strategize for your own needs that day. 


Physically placing your feet on the ground beneath you symbolizes becoming one with the electrical currents of all living cells on Earth. I envision my feet growing roots from which I am able to take up nutrients that I need from the ground like a tree would. Some call this practice Earthing, which research has recently found exponential health benefits like improved muscle recovery, cardiovascular health and immune response to name a few. You can earn more here. You can stay in this Earthing or grounding pose for as long as you would like, but it can also be as simple as saying “I am grounded.” Do what feels right to you. 


If you can recall a time in which you were totally at home with yourself or were thriving in life, this is the purpose of centering. I encourage my clients to utilize the heart as a center space that pulsates the energy/nutrients received from grounding so that it finds an equilibrium, or in other words a balance between giving and receiving. Centering is often described as an inner peace, universal love, or just pure bliss. “I am centered.”


Imagine a barn door being pulled wide open and a flood of animals entering; some are stampeding in, and others meandering in. When you say “I am open,” you are communicating that you are eager to receive what is meant for your highest and greatest good. Sometimes this is a message from a higher being; other times it’s a general knowing within yourself. No matter your belief, this download can be the ticket to your alignment with self. Feel free to ask questions you may have during this time, or set any intentions. 


Now that you’ve opened the door, it’s time to close it. In closing, I recommend extending gratitude and love for the wisdom and advice you have received. I always like to set an intention to utilize the newfound knowledge for my day and strategize what it will look like now that I know.

This quick guide is meant for whatever purpose you need it to serve in your alignment toolbox. If you want to keep learning or schedule a session, Click HERE to learn more about the Wellview services available to you. We can’t wait to work with you!

– Casey Edmonds, CHWC, CPT, CMS

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