Your Circle of Energy

Feb 5, 2020
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An energy circle is a circle from which your energy flows both internally and externally. Energy is created, and thus, expended. The cycle of creating energy and then expending it is much like the spin of a top.As it spins in its upright position, it rotates around an invisible vertical axis. The principle of conservation of angular momentum holds that the top would keep spinning indefinitely if there were no other external forces acting upon it. Check out what makes a toy top spin.

In essence, the vertical axis at the center acts like you. You are physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, spiritually and socially, as harmoniously centered as reasonably possible. However, when external forces interject, in this case, wind, terrain or surface changes, the top loses momentum and eventually stops. In the case of you, this could be family, friends, work, community and so forth. When these elements push and pull at your center, you lose energy. You are then back at square one. But if ideal conditions exist, you, much like the top, you can actually continue your momentum indefinitely. One way to keep your energy flowing infinitely is by developing a personal method of which your energy is distributed and balanced amongst your priorities, from your center to your external world. Energy can consist of time, thoughts, emotions, effort, opportunity, attention, etc. Knowing who and what your energy circle consists of can be critical to avoiding unnecessarily overextending yourself in an already chaotic world.Below is a quick exercise to shed light on who and what matters most in your life. The purpose of this exercise is to more definitively determine those who most deserve your energy.

Step one: Draw four circles, one within the other like pictured above.Step two: Label the inner circle as YOU. This circle encompasses you and that which makes up you. This could be exercise, self-care, personal finances, stress management, nutrition, stability, spirituality, and so on. Write those things within this inner circle. Be direct but all-encompassing. Step three: The second circle surrounding you will consist of those you’re closest to immediate family members, spouse or significant other, children, parents, siblings, close friends and even pets.Step four: The third circle then lies just outside of your inner circles. This consists of other friends, extended family, colleagues and close community groups that you play an active role in such as church, volunteer groups, sports groups and so on.Step five: The last and fourth circle is the most extended version within your circle of energy. It consists of clients, acquaintances that you have to interact with such as your banker, gym attendant, the bag boy at the grocery store, social media friends, etc. and other social or volunteer groups that are extracurricular in nature. Click HERE to learn more about the Wellview services available to you. We can’t wait to work with you!


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