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Jan 29, 2020
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A Powerful Question To Propel You Forward

What would you say if I could provide you with one thing that would reshape your life for the better? What if I could give you a singular instrument that would transform your goals into an actionable reality? What if you could gain a simple superpower that will guarantee positive change?This singular, simple, masterful tool is just a question. It's a question that requires a bit of commitment, one that you must be willing to ask yourself daily. A singular question that you must answer with little hesitation yet with great thought. Simply put, you must be honest with yourself and be able and willing to be proactive with your answer.Before I share this question with you, recall a few things (write them down if it helps).

What do you wish to realistically obtain this year (or 6, 9 or 12 months)?

What are the elements of this vision that will support your success?

What has held you back previously?

How do you plan to overcome your obstacles and achieve this vision?

Who and what will support you?

When are your timelines?

Though there are many more valuable questions to ask here, let’s not over-complicate things. Take a minute to digest and assess your answers. Now, naturally, you may be ready to set your first goal, or conversely, you may have no clue where to begin. That’s perfectly okay because now you’re ready to implement your daily question:

What can I do TODAY that will support my overall vision?

That’s it. Your answer is where you start every single day.

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