Your Signature Masterpiece

Oct 9, 2020

What do you see when you scan your body from head to toe in a full length mirror? Do you like what you see? The physical body is your unique signature masterpiece; a piece of art like none other. You may not believe that, but what if you did? What might seem like an impossible feat can actually be your greatest accomplishment. You are Michaelangelo, and you have an unsightly block of the finest stone marble to work with. 

Step One: Visualization

Stand in the mirror and look at your marble block in front of you, what do you see?  Yes, you may think all you see is a block of mess in front of you because your thoughts can spiral into how much work needs to be done in addition to how long it’ll take.  I get it, you want to be in shape as fast as possible, but this signature masterpiece of work you want to showcase to the world takes time to develop, let alone perfect.  As long as you keep that vision clear and you are willing to chip away at your masterpiece, you should enjoy taking the time to perfect it.  

Every single athlete, actor, artist, business leader started with a vision attached with a strong desire for change.  If you’re just beginning with your journey (health, fitness, weight loss), be diligent to your vision and see beyond what’s currently in front of you.  What do you see in this picture?  A celebration of those who’ve accomplished the task for either reward, recognition, or financial gain. 

Step Two:  Continuously speak life into your masterpiece.

Your body craves affirmations. I spoke to my six pack for over 20years. “I can’t wait to meet you, I know you're in there somewhere. I just can’t see you right now, but I know you can hear me” A mentor once told me, “What you’re seeking is also seeking you. Keep looking (visualize) and speaking what you want into life.” 

What if you continue with thoughts and words that are not supportive of your goal will you see change? Yes. The question then becomes, is it the change you seek? How do you practically create your masterpiece?

Step Three:  Take massive action. 

What might be hard now, will not be hard later. When you’re chipping away at your marble masterpiece, remember,  it takes time, patience, and consistency.  When you see people going through their workout like it's a Sunday morning stroll, remember, they didn't get there without hard work, persistence, discipline, self-doubt, motivation (from friends and family), pain, planning, and so many other qualities that allowed them to reach that stage. Do what works for you right now! Get up, and move! Sometimes you have to forcefully tell yourself, get up and move.  A body at rest wants to stay at rest; one in motion tends to stay in motion.  You have the tools, but do you have the patience to keep chipping away at what could be your unique signature masterpiece and your greatest accomplishment? I believe that you’ll do the next best thing, take action and do what works for you. 

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– Louis Allen, CSCS

Personal Trainer / Health Advisor

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