Wellview Health Announces New Proprietary Reporting and Analytics Tool

May 21, 2019

NASHVILLE, Tenn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Wellview Health, the industry’s leading healthcare engagement company, has launched Wellview Analytics, a new proprietary reporting and analytics tool. Wellview Analytics integrates consumer, clinical, and claims data to empower a customized and integrated employee healthcare experience and actionable population health management. Wellview’s new proprietary data analytics engine identifies the intersection between a consumer’s health risks and their interest in addressing the risk, and then navigates them to appropriate levels of clinical and/or behavioral care.

Wellview Health launches Wellview Analytics to empower a customized and integrated employee healthcare experience and actionable population health management. Wellview Analytics connects data for predictive healthcare management. #HealthcareSimplified

“Like other consumer-driven industries, healthcare consumers are seeking a personalized experience. With Wellview Analytics, we can now effectively connect the data points of thousands of consumer lives, years of claims trends, and a full spectrum of clinical assessments to empower 91% healthcare engagement. This approach not only improves employees’ health but reduces employers’ health plan costs with a 20.2% differential in claims trend. We’re making healthcare simple, accessible, and about people again,” says James Story, Wellview Health CEO and Co-Founder.

Wellview Analytics integrates data for measurable engagement that impacts both employee health outcomes and employer healthcare costs by:

  • Measuring engagement levels of certain consumer profiles by using psychographics, readiness-to-change and health risk profiles
  • Measuring efficacy of Health Advisor and specialist engagement and impact by data-driven consumer segmentation
  • Monitoring employee experiences with healthcare providers in navigation network
  • Using data to create individualized healthy living plans
  • Predicting claims trend reduction and ROI of healthcare spend
  • Building a custom model for predictive healthcare management

As experts in healthcare engagement, Wellview Health works alongside mid-sized and large employers to improve employee utilization of health and well-being benefits. Wellivew Analytics™ is part of the Wellview’s full suite of proprietary products that increase consumer engagement and impact healthier outcomes and lower costs by changing the way people engage with healthcare and health benefits.

Wellview’s predictive and preventative high-tech, high-touch model creates up to 91% employee engagement, and a 20.2% differential in employer claims trend. Wellview’s multi-disciplinary health approach integrates personal health education, clinical provider services, behavioral health support and advocacy, and simplified access to healthcare services and providers to improve health outcomes and lower healthcare costs.

Wellview Health continues to focus on strategic expansion in 2019 and 200% growth in 2020. To learn more about Wellview Health, please visit us at, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

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