[Video] Intro to Wellview: A doctor, a tech guy, and a benefits consultant...

October 13, 2021
Thought Leadership

Shortlister hosted Spencer Martel, RVP of Growth, to introduce Wellview and how we deliver 9x industry health activation and 5-star care experiences which result in >7% cost savings for employers.

About Wellview

Wellview is a human-led, digital health platform designed to help people take better care of themselves — physically, mentally, and financially. Operating nationwide in over 40 states, they partner with companies to create well-being solutions that show their employees (and their families) that they care; in turn, driving performance and profits.

Key components of Wellview’s approach:
  • Integration of physical, mental, and financial well-being solutions
  • Health Personality™, lifestyle, clinical and claims data to drive the most custom and proactive engagement pathways
  • Care that meets employees’ wants and needs delivered in the modality that is most relevant, accessible, and sustainable.
So why does Wellview work?

Wellview has over 8 years of data and R&D driving the artificial intelligence and machine learning that informs their Wellview Care Profile. They have been focused on layering data collection to know as much as possible about a member, from daily habits to health concerns.

They use these insights to deliver hyper-relevant communications and care delivery, creating a trusted relationship and ultimately driving proactive engagement in all areas of well-being.

Across Wellview’s book of business they are identifying key motivators on over 70% of a population resulting in a 40% engagement rate and 80% re-engagement rate.

The Human Touch in Digital Care

Wellview’s team of Health Advisors use the Care Profile combined with their health coach training to support the member along their journey to desired care offerings delivered by the Wellview Care Team or to other integrated point solutions.

Wellview’s F.A.Qs:

1. How does Wellview work with other vendors/existing benefits?

If a member needs support resources outside the Wellview services their Concierge and Health Advisors provide a warm transfer to the best resource within the existing benefit offering. Additionally, the Wellview care model is expandable, so they plug-n-play with other vendors where it makes sense for the population strategy.

2. What is Wellview’s “Health Personality” data?

Wellview’s Health Personality allows them to make a deep connection with a member quickly and authentically. It is a key driver of Wellview’s engagement, utilization, and 5-star satisfaction rates. The insights are derived from a proprietary model that combines psychographic segmentation with healthcare consumer data to drive over 10,000 custom pathways. The model is key to understanding healthcare consumers’ motivations and communication preferences — allowing them to target and deliver communications and care that resonate more effectively and increase the likelihood of behavior activation.

3. How does Wellview define engagement and what is the risk distribution for those engaged?

Wellview defines engagement as a 1 on 1 appointment with a Wellview Care Team provider. Across Wellview’s book of business they average 40% population engagement consisting of 75% high/moderate risk members and 25% low/emerging risk members.

4. Can you use wellness dollars to fund the program? Can services be filed through claims?

Yes, get in touch with Wellview at for complete details.

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