Wellview Unveils Daily Symptom Monitoring Platform, WellCheck™

June 23, 2020
WellCheck™ by Wellview

NASHVILLE, Tenn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Business leaders everywhere are seeking return-to-work solutions that protect their employees and their customers by tracking risks related to COVID-19, as well as any future highly communicable illness, within the workplace. WellCheck™ by Wellview—the leader in workplace health engagement—is a quick-to-implement platform that prioritizes safety and provides peace of mind for companies whose employees and customers are returning to business.

Wellview believes it is important to not just identify a concern but to give the user easy access to a solution for that concern.

Wellview prides itself on building products and services for today’s health consumer—boasting a 99.8% user satisfaction rating. Built with the consumer and employer in mind, the WellCheck solution takes just 30 seconds to complete each day. The user receives clear information and action steps to access resources to address many health-related concerns. The application also includes daily reminders to check in prior to entering the workplace or any other public space. For the employer, results are aggregated in a HIPAA compliant database repository, providing real-time analytics for a company's risk identification and resolution strategies.

“We are all concerned about the well-being of our employees, customers, and vendor partners. At the same time, we must get people back to work,” says Wellview CEO and Co-Founder James Story. “WellCheck was developed with the best clinical evidence by our expert clinical and consumer engagement team to provide current and future clients a cost-effective way to keep people safe.”

A key aspect of the WellCheck platform is the ability to vertically integrate wraparound health services, navigating employees from their daily results to resources to address any specific concerns identified by their responses. During the COVID outbreak, Wellview has already experienced a 116% increase in utilization of mental health services. Whether it be mental health support, telemedicine services, or other on-demand resources, Wellview believes it is important to not just identify a concern but to give the user easy access to a solution for that concern. The WellCheck platform expands Wellview’s ability to engage participants and help employers manage risk and healthcare costs.

About Wellview:
Wellview is the leader in health engagement, supporting employers by integrating with existing benefit strategies to serve as the single, trusted point of entry for employees. Wellview's proprietary profiling system and communication engine create connections that result in impactful utilization rate improvement across areas of wellness, condition management, EAP, mental health, and crisis programs like COVID-19. The company prides itself on best-in-class health benefit engagement, 5-star employee satisfaction rates, and CFO-validated cost containment.

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